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Just $5.99/month

Who is it for?

The Night Sky Alerts Service is for everyone: casual sky watchers, serious astronomers, moms, dads, students. You can configure your account to match your interests and abilities.  Night Sky Alerts is a global service: we can message every continent, including Antarctica.

Ham radio operators use Night Sky Alerts to learn about solar flares, radio blackouts, and space station flybys. (It's possible to listen to radio chatter from the ISS when it flies over your hometown!)

Photographers use Night Sky Alerts to catch elusive auroras and "photo ops" involving the Moon and planets.

Casual sky watchers use Night Sky Alerts to spot new comets, planetary alignments, and meteor showers. The sky is filled with sights that are easy to see with the unaided eye. Most people miss them simply because they don't know when to look.

Serious astronomers value Night Sky Alerts because it connects them to Earth-orbiting satellites via their phones. They instantly learn when solar flares explode, when solar wind gusts sweep past Earth, when the interplanetary magnetic field tilts south and when auroras are likely to occur.

What's included?

Night Sky Alerts turns your phone into a full featured sky monitoring system! Text messages or voice calls will alert you to solar flares, geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections, visible space station fly-overs, Northern Lights and more